Free Crochet Sweater Patterns For Women

Sweaters are perfect layering garment in winter. These free crochet sweater patterns will give the finished look to your outfit this winter. These sweater patterns are perfect for wearing some warm garments for keeping yourself warm because these patterns keep warm and give the stylish look at the same time. You will get many unique and adorable patterns of sweaters that really enhance your beauty. Crochet sweater patterns will be a great addition to your daily stylization and your wardrobe. You can make these sweater patterns by modifying the colors and designs to contras with your dressing. So, have a look at these beautiful free crochet sweater patterns and have fun.

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Crochet Entwined Chic Cable Sweater Pattern:

Entwined Chic Cable Sweater

Crochet this stylish and cozy Entwined Chic Cable Sweater! With long sleeves and elegant soft colors, this garment is perfect for chilly weather. It will surely keep you warm and cozy in the winter especially when you go outside from your home. The entwined cable is crocheted with an interesting combination of stitches using Red Heart Chic Sheep yarn. It would prove a great addition to your wardrobe, especially in the winter. You can crochet this for your friends when you want to make something special for them in winter.


I Heart You Crochet Sweater:

I Heart You Crochet Sweater

This I Heart You Crochet Sweater comfy easy-to-make crochet sweater will be the perfect addition to your fall wardrobe. It can not only be used to gain warmness and coziness in the colder days but also the addition of colored stripe will give you a more attractive and elegant look. This stunning sweater is the combination of black and white color but you can change the colors if you want. Patons Shetland Chunky is the yarn that will be used in this pattern and some crochet stitches. Click below for more information.


Two Rectangle Sweater:

Two Rectangle Sweater

This Two Rectangle Sweater uses Red Heart Super Saver Ombre yarn and a series of crochet stitches. This new crochet sweater pattern is perfect for the chilly season. It will be a great gift for your friends when you want to make something special for your beloved in the winter. The usage of light and dark colors makes it more attractive. Click below for more information about this warmer and cozier pattern.


Holiday Sparkle Sweater:

Holiday Sparkle Sweater

This Holiday Sparkle Sweater is great for any crochet beginner and the usage of blue color makes it cuter. It is really simple to make a short time consuming just because the entire pattern is worked in all basic crochet stitches and RED HEART Shimmer yarn. It will be a good project for you in the chilly season as well as it is a cheap source to gain some coziness and warmness in the colder days. Click below for more information.


Party Time Sweater:

Party Time Sweater

Sometimes you just need that extra bit of warmth especially in the time of night at the chilly season when you want to go in a party, and you are wishing to wear those outfit that keeps you warm and will give a stylish look. Try this Party Time Sweater that is easy to make. The usage of black color makes it nicer and the usage of bulky yarn makes it warmer and cozier. This pattern uses RED HEART Boutique Swanky yarn and some crochet stitches. Click below for more information.


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